Mar 1, 2018

Self Care, The Best Care

So I've been on a mini hiatus obviously. I've been working under some extremely tight deadlines as of late. The kind of deadlines that challenges every notion that the concept of balance exist. Balance?'s a total fallacy, a facade. I often hear, you can have it all. How? No really, how? Especially as women, something is going to suffer. And in most cases for us----it's self care. Here are 5 must-dos to maintaining self care. 
  •  Live Gilt Free - This was extremely hard for me to do when I first became a mom. The level of gilt I would feel for leaving my son at home for a girls night out would be excruciating. Just because we opt for motherhood, doesn't mean that we have to forfeit all aspects of who we are. It's totally okay to live.
  • Find Peace - Find some quiet time throughout the day to gather your thoughts. From a 20 minute walk or a 15 minute meditation session. Personal alone time is critical. 
  • Smell The Roses - I know this sounds cliche. One of the things that I frequently do is buy myself flowers. Sure I appreciate and love when the hubs deliver, but I also don't mind picking up some fresh blooms spontaneously for myself. 
  • Hire Help - It took me some time to do this. My pride use to tell me that as a woman, I should be able to maintain my own living space. It wasn't until I was literally on the verge of a mental breakdown that I gave in and relinquished some of my household duties. This goes back to my first point, living gilt free.
  •  Set Boundaries - Limits and restrictions are a must. It's totally okay to set limits on how much of yourself you give to others. Truth be told, some people will take as long as you allow them. And setting boundaries is critical to maintaining a healthy and stress free life. Girl, set those limits. With no hesitations.
Photo Credit: Nick Pecori

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  1. Live Guilt Free. . . .on point and necessary for every woman. Enjoy every moment Sis.