Dec 8, 2017

Rattler Rant: It's All About Legacy

Hey Beauties-- I hope you all had an amazing Thanksgiving. I recently had an opportunity to take my son to a college football game for my alma mater. It was such an experience to share with him. He had so many questions. Questions like: did your best friends go to college with you? Did you meet daddy there? Will I go to this college when I grow up? And I couldn't help but to go back down memory lane. It's been a decade+ since undergrad and his questions certainly made me think about how far I've come and in many certain far I've got to go. My ultimate goal in life is to leave a lasting and impactful legacy behind. It's my reason. My purpose. Geesh....2018 is knocking and honestly it just feels like these minutes, hours, days and weeks are rolling the hell on. All the more reasons to remain focus on our why, who and hows. When it's all said and done...I'd like to be able to say.....I did it. My legacy is secured. Until then, I'll keep on pushing. One day, month and year at a time. Counting all of these blessings. Oh and of course....Go Rattlers! Would love to know...on this day, what are you most grateful for?
FAMU gear and paraphernalia for women
FAMU gear and paraphernalia for women

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  1. I'm grateful for the gift of life for sure. God has been good to us.
    Loving the effortless styling. You look wonderful mami.