Apr 10, 2018

5 Reasons to Embrace World Travel

Having lived in some of the most diverse cities in America, it wasn't long before I developed an appreciation for cultural diversity. There’s nothing like discovering new places, people and customs. Visiting a foreign country or even a domestic locale with unique culture has the capability to offer life changing experiences. With travel right at our fingertips, all it takes is a desire for adventure, a couple bucks and maybe a passport to unlock a world of priceless experiences. Here are the five reasons you should seek to up level your travel game.
Experience New Cultures - Traveling to foreign countries (or domestic towns and cities) opens us up to new cultural experiences. Whether it's the type of fashion, music or food that is know to that particular region---these three things alone defines culture. You simply can't experience culture without them.

Experience New Delicacies - Eating the local foods may open up new possibilities even introduce a new lifestyle that you couldn't of imagine.  Like Anthony Bourdain of the show, Parts Unknown; whether he's in Myanmar, Peru, Jerusalem or Congo---one thing is for sure, he eats----drinks and leaves merry. Talk about travel goals. 

Experience the Language - Traveling to a foreign place is sure to inspire those seeking to learn a second language (or a third). I've always wanted to get to a place where I can speak fluent Spanish and French. Yeah...I need to dust off that Rosetta Stone. Headed to Spain and Paris this summer. Watch out now!

New Perspective - A trip to see amazing attractions like the Coliseum in Rome or the Pyramids in Egypt is certain to motivate and give a totally new perspective on life. Whether it's a new found desire to cherish the smaller things and disregard those minor or inconsequential things in life---travel simply gives us a fresh start in so many regards. Personal development is a huge benefit to stepping into new and exciting territory.

Business opportunities - Some of my most creative business decisions are made at thirty thousand feet in the clouds or miles away from home. Simply striking up a random conversion with a stranger could lead to promising future prospects and opportunity. It is a highly global and competitive business marketplace, so I highly encourage you to embrace what the world has to offer even if it's just a hop, skip and jump away. 

There you have it. Five reasons to start collecting some stamps on your passport, if you haven't started. Until next time....Be Bold. Be Fabulous. Be You!

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