Dec 16, 2017

5 Classic Fragrances for Him

There is seemingly nothing more sexier than a well groomed man. Next to that? A well smelling one. If you're like me---sometimes it can be a struggle to find the men in our lives the right gift for the right occasion. So I've outlined 5 amazing classic fragrances for the classic or modern day man right in time for Valentine's Day.
So whether you are a fragrance novice trying to find his signature scent or a fragrance connoisseur seeking to complete his ever growing collection---I've got you covered with these classic worthy scents of all time. From sparkling freshness, ocean breeze or masculine sensuality---- all having refreshing hints of the perfect scents to transition seamlessly from summer to winter season. So there you have it, my top 5 fragrances for the special man in my life. 


  1. Good picks, hubby went to work this morning in the Issey(yummy)! Love your posts!

  2. Really nice ideas for man!!! kiss
    Federica - Cosa Mi Metto???