Apr 19, 2018

Beauty Benevolence | MUA Toni Nicole

“Making the world a prettier place one face at a time” is her motto. Orlando-based Makeup Artist Toni Nicole is a familiar face amongst many. I'm not really sure who introduced me to the college educated beauty, but I quickly knew that she was someone that I needed to have in my corner if I wanted to step my beauty game up a notch. She has been instrumental in many of my cosmetics and beauty purchasing decisions. Each and every product she has recommended has been spot on. I consider her a trusted professional.  The MAC certified and nationally published artist has been transforming faces one stroke at a time for many years. She says, "Everyone has their own individual style when it comes to fashion and trends, why not have your own style when it comes to makeup? Individuality is what sets one apart from the next person and in my line of work, individuality is what transforms a makeup artist into an artist." Whether it’s a wedding, photo shoot, fashion editorial spread, or just a night on the town, Toni Nicole will enhance your natural beauty suitable for the occasion. I had the opportunity to chat it up about all things beauty with the talented artist. check out the deeds below.

“Making the world a prettier place one face at a time” is my motto. -Toni Nicole

Q: What inspired you to become a professional Makeup Artist?
A: I like to call myself an “accidental Makeup Artist”. I actually have a bachelor’s degree in Textiles and Clothing and I always thought I was going to be in the fashion industry. I had tons of MAC makeup and my sorority sisters would always call me the “MAC store” but again I was more of a beauty enthusiast at the time. Makeup was something that I really loved but never thought about it as a career. One of my sorority sister’s mother was getting married and she asked if I could do the makeup for the wedding. I was extremely nervous because I had never done anyone’s makeup before let alone on their wedding day. I politely declined. She told me she knew that I could do it and that she believed in me. So I got suckered into doing it. LOL. It was then that I realized that I loved it because it was fun and it didn’t feel like work. Also the gratification you get from clients when you make them feel beautiful is indescribable.

Q: What are the key elements to achieving flawless skin?
A: Skincare! Every Makeup Artist knows that flawless makeup starts with great skincare! One item I find common that people omit in their skincare regime is exfoliation. Exfoliating the skin helps remove dead skin and will help in a smooth foundation application. Just like our hair sheds, so does our skin and exfoliation helps promote healthy skin. No matter the skin type, exfoliation will help the appearance of the skin. Someone that is drier will need to exfoliate maybe once a week. Someone that is oilier can exfoliate 2 or 3 times a week depending on the oiliness. Exfoliating helps aid in controlling the oil but you don’t want to over exfoliate because then it will be counter productive.

Q: Are red lips for everyone? How do I choose the right shade?
A: I am a firm believer that red lips are for everyone. It is one lipstick color that never goes out of style. In my opinion blue-based reds are complimentary to a majority of skin tones. It really just depends on how bold you want your red lips to be in order to find the right shade. Also using a lip liner will help in manipulating the color to make it more wearable.

Q: I've struggled with perfecting the eye-shadow blending technique. Do you have any tips?
A: Yes, less is more. And that is kind of the rule in general when it comes to makeup. Use a fluffy blending brush because it will help disperse the color evenly and smoothly. If you are using a dense brush it is going to concentrate color in one area and not disperse. Use only a little bit of product and add more as needed. It’s easier to add, then to take away.

Q: Best color palettes for darker skin tones?
A: I am a firm believer that darker skin tones can wear whatever color they want. Its all about making it work for you and what you feel the most confident wearing.

Q: Best color palettes for lighter skin tones?
A: There are no rules in makeup. It is really more about what the individual feels comfortable wearing. But as I stated previously, I feel like no matter the skin tone you can rock the color you want. Its more about finding the right shade and rocking it with confidence.

Q: Best make-up product that you swear by and simply can’t live without?
A: Ha! This is such a tough question! I really don’t have a best makeup product that I can’t live without. I am so wishy washy when it comes to products. One day I love something and then the next day I’m over it. But I can say one makeup item I can’t live without is lipstick!

Q: What is your personal skin care regimen?
A: As of right now, I wash my face with MAC’s lightful cleanser then moisturize with Embroylisse Lait Crème (for the day) at night I moisturize with MAC’s comfort cream. I also exfoliate once a week with MAC’s Volcanic Ash.

Q: What is your number one all-time beauty pet peeve?
A: People that overly contour and highlight. Highlighting and contouring is fine, but it should be done appropriately. I just always think about that old school glamour of the 50s. Makeup was so simple yet beautiful. At the end of the day everybody still looked like themselves but just a better version. I think people are missing that concept these days. It’s like people are now using makeup to transform their faces into someone else. Makeup is supposed to enhance your beauty not mask it.

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It's been a pleasure Toni. I wish you all the best in your professional endeavors. I see nothing but greatness for you. Oh, thanks for putting me on to Embroylisse Lait Crème, it's a must have in my beauty arsenal. I am so with you on the excessive contouring and highlights. I've always been a fan of natural beauty. Make sure to check out the fashionably fabulous Toni Nicole's website here. Until next time. . .Peace, Love & Blessings!


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