Sep 4, 2017

Head Wrap Happenings

Hey Beauties,

There use to be a time when time was in abundance. But with greater responsibility comes sacrifice. And in many cases, that sacrifice is time. With only three months left in the year, I've found myself in panic mode as of late. Trying to figure out how to get as many items checked off that proverbial resolutions list. So just like everything else that's needed---what do you do? Buy time. Yep. I've hired help. House cleaning help. Business help. You name it. In order to be proficient in the areas of importance-- outsource when necessary. Because it really takes a village. And a head wrap too. Until next time...peace, love & blessings.
African Caribbean Head Wrap Style


  1. I love this outfit on you from head to toe. . .

  2. Girl, you are rocking every bit of this out hunny!! I love it!

    xx, Chanda | Birth of a Fashion Blogger

  3. Love the outfit! especially the head wrap, cute!!