Sep 30, 2017

Fab Home: Inspired Living

What makes a space inspirational? Is it the $3,500 Jason Miller chandelier? The architectural details? Its character? For me, it's the feeling of comfort. The feeling of warmth. Then of course there's the style factor. If you've been reading the blog for some time---you'd be familiar with my popular mantra. Which is ---- always keep an open mind to two things: inspiration and love. My interior design style is as eclectic as my fashion. Just as with fashion, many of my home furnishings were curated from a variety of sources. From flea markets, popular retail chains, yard sales to online retailers. My interior design style is modern, eclectic and transitional. Mixing different design elements keeps a space balanced. If you have too many modern pieces, your space can appear and feel a little cold. Too may traditional pieces, you can run the risk of having an easily dated space. Mix the two and you'll be living in perfect harmony. The below living spaces speaks perfectly to this.

Blue modern home decor style inspiration
Photo Credit: CB2

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