Aug 4, 2017

Summer 17: Family Vacation with Carnival Cruise Line

This summer I had the pleasure of sailing the Caribbean seas with Carnival Cruise Line. The family and I boarded the Carnival Splendor vessel for 8 days to explore four Caribbean islands including St. Kitts, St. Maarten, Puerto Rico and Turks & Caicos. Although I'm no rookie to the cruising experience---by far this time around was the best. Initially I thought 8 days would be too much time on a boat ---but on the 8th day I was sadden to return to Port Everglades, Ft. Lauderdale (departure port). And just like that, it was over. Our mindless, easy-going Caribbean voyage had ended. No more PiƱa coladas, endless sunshine and Caribbean blue seas. If you've never cruised before--stay tuned for my upcoming post on: 5 Reasons to Cruise with Carnival. Cruising to me is what a true vacation should be. Fun and hassle-free.

Carnival did a great job ensuring that not only did we have fun (lots of it)---but were safe. Now that summer is almost a distant memory--- taking some time to relax, release and reflect is so necessary in getting a fresh perspective of the future. So grateful that the family and I were able to get away for the summer. School heads back in session the week of August 14th for my kiddo and boy did he have a great summer.  If you've never taken a cruise before---I recommend getting your feet wet to the experience with Carnival Cruise Line.

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  1. Good times with the fam and you look gorgeous in your swimwear.

  2. What gorgeous pics! Great article and that bathing suit...I love it