Jul 17, 2017

Simplicity: The Secret to a Good Life

Fresh off my family vacation and looking back in reflection with a fresh perspective. Spending time outside of our comfort zone allows us to get a different perspective on life. It fosters growth and in some cases life changing redirection. I had the pleasure of visiting four island nations during my time abroad and the main take away from my trip is: simplicity, it is the secret to a good life. Each island that I visited reminded me just how important it is to simplify life. Sometimes we create complicated lives for the sake of having more, when in actuality the road to living a good and fulfilled life is having less. A simple lifestyle attracts simple problems, requiring simple solutions. The island folks understand this. That's why the life expectancy in most Caribbean islands is higher than that of Americans. Weird right? Especially with America being the richest nation in the world. How's that for perspective? Culturally-- our priorities are different and certainly so are our lifestyles. Removing the distractions, excess and the unimportant aspects of life is what simplicity is. It's the foundation of a great and rewarding life. One that I seek to have.


  1. Oh Yes. . the simple and rewarding everyday is key. But, there is nothing simple about your outfit. You look Fabulously Chic & Comfy, and those SHOOZE. . I love this look on You!

  2. I love the way you put coral and turquoise together! Such a beautiful summer look and it really accentuates the backdrop!