Jul 3, 2017

American Dreamers: Tampa Bay Parenting Feature

Hey Fabulous--
I recently did a photo shoot for a mompreneur feature in the July issue of Tampa Bay Parenting Magazines which also featured a couple other inspiring boss moms. A piece titled: American Dreamers. When I was in high school, I ran a hustle (notice how I didn't say business?) where I would visit the homes of professionals (executives, principals and the likes) to perform clothing ironing services. Yep--I would roll through on the weekends and iron baskets of professional attire for these professional elites all the wile holding down my part-time retail job at the mall, maintaining my grades and taking part in school extracurricular activities. In retrospect, not really sure how I did it.  But undoubtedly whether I knew it then---the entrepreneur in me was born. Fast forward to today---not much has changed. Well, let's retract that. Lots have changed. Like being someone's mom and wife. And if you too are a mom, you already know that the role itself is a full-time one. But when it comes to living in your purpose, you find a way to do what you love. Even if it includes adding entrepreneur to that long and growing list of titles. You can check out the column in the July issue of Tampa Bay Parenting here

Special Thanks: Runway Translator: Writer & Stylist | Lending Luxury: Designer Gowns | Theresa NeSmith Photography: Photography | Tampa Bay Parenting Magazine

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  1. Lol! That was my gig when I was 15 yo and too young to get a work permit. My Mom worked at a bank and her co-workers were my "clients". I use to iron, hang and/or fold their clothes for change. Notice how I said "gig" and not business.