Jun 4, 2017

Milestone Manifesto: Fab Forty

What does forty feels like you ask? Well, I'm still a work in progress if that gives you any sense of perspective. But one thing is for certain--you don't always get to decide when it's time no matter how well planned or how many good intentions put forth. This milestone comes with some gains and losses. That's life, right? But with growth comes clarity. And with clarity comes purpose. That's what the last two years have been for me. Living in purpose. Knowing what and who is most important in life and living life to that accord has been the greatest feeling ever. So as I enter this new chapter---it's full speed ahead doing the things that I love with the people that I love. And that friends---is what living a purpose driven life is all about. Nothing more. Nothing less. Until next time....peace, passion & purpose!


  1. Dynamic Forty and such a Beauty. Enjoy every moment. .

  2. Gorgeous my blogger friend! I'm 45 and love all the clarity my 40's thus far have bought me. I no longer feel the need to look for permission to create my best life. Who joins me great who doesn't, thats for the memories! Enjoy and go be the greatest you you can be xo!