Mar 28, 2017

Fab Eats: FireFly Tapas . Las Vegas

One of my favorite things about Las Vegas is the infinite options of great food. From amazing steakhouses to some of the best whole in the wall restaurants you can find in America. Speaking of options--the tapas (Spanish for variety of small plates) concept has grown throughout the recent years. You can practically find one in any major city nowadays. But all tapas aren't created equal. Not every restaurant can deliver. Then there's FireFly located off the north end of the Vegas strip. The restaurant boasts some of the best tapas drinks and eats that I've had both near and afar. From savory white or red sangria to some traditional favorites. But what drew me most to their extensive menu? Seafood of course. There's plenty for pescatarians. Grilled octopus, fish, mussels, shrimp, calamari---you name it. So the next time you're in sin city---stop in and pay the good folks over at FireFly a visit.
Photo Credit: FireFly Tapas

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