Aug 12, 2017

5 Things to Consider for Your Next Dinner Party

I can't tell you how many dinner parties I've attended in the past that turned into a night of misery for both guests and host(s). What started out as a night of fun and entertainment seemingly ends up as a night of hassle and irritation. Don't get me wrong---I love a good outing, meal and amazing company. But I am extremely particular as to whom I enjoy my time with now as a thirty-something. So the next time you plan on hosting a dinner party (especially at a public restaurant)--please consider these five things first. They will help alleviate any confusion and headaches.

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1. Choose Your Guests Wisely - Ever show up to a dinner party and say to yourself, who are these people? Before you send out invites, make sure to choose friends with similar interest and commonalities. Nobody wants to be stuck in an intimate setting for hours with strangers who have zero in common. 
2. Set the ExpectationsAvoid surprises. Let your guests know what to expect for the evening. This includes any activities (games, guest participation, announcements) set to take place during the dinner. It would also be wise to give the guests a heads up on dinner prices should the dinner take place at a restaurant and should each guest be responsible for footing their own bill. 
3. Be Prepared to Pay - There may very well be discrepancies in the final bill. Yep, this happens and you've got to be prepared to foot the bill or a portion of it if need be. 
4. Food Options - Not everyone can eat a 14oz ribeye Oscar style so you've better have options for the vegans, vegetarians and gluten-free.
5. Allocate Enough Time - Whether private or public, dinner parties take time. So plan well and allocate enough time for arrivals, dinner and wrap-up----and being respectful of your guests' time by not scheduling your dinner too late in the evening. 

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  1. Dinner parties from hell.... Lol. There is nothing worse than investing time and energy to events that lacks ge necessary planning to ensure an enjoyable time.