Aug 19, 2017

5 Spirit Lifting Inspirational Songs

Music is said to be the universal language. I've always been one to believe that the three most fundamental things to understanding and embracing worldly culture are music, food and fashion. So it is by no surprise that all three of these art driven expressions help to bring tremendous balance to my life. My music choices are as versatile as my fashion. There is a little bit of everything in my iTunes library, and I do mean everything. So please don't judge me when you see me riding out to my trap music. LOL. My music choice at any given time is driven by my mood and what inspires me at the present moment. But when I'm stuck in a rut and inspiration calls--- I can turn to any of the below songs for that extra boost of inspiration. what are some of your favorite inspirational tunes?
5 Inspiriational Songs to Boost Your Mood
PLAYLIST: Blessed - Patti Labelle | Optimistic - Sounds of Blackness | Get Up Get Out - Goodie Mob | Try Again - Aaliyah | Stronger - Kanye West | Survivor - Destiny's Child | I Can - Nas |  Keep Your Head Up - 2Pac | Everything is Everything - Lauryn Hill | The Day After - Goodie Mob

Okay, so it was a bit hard to just leave you with just five--- so I threw in a few extras. To all my moms, I hope you have some great plans for the weekend. I'm just going to soak in some much needed sun at the beach. Until next time....Peace, Love Blessings!


  1. Girl you had me counting like a mug! I was like ummm I think that's more then five for sure. Have a Happy Mother's Day yourself!

  2. Another great list!!!