Mar 2, 2015

Designer Watch: Naje' Designs

I recently chatted with Nancy Ranalli, Creative Director and head of her brand Naje' Designs about the future of her fabulous jewelry line, the inspiration behind it and her love for uniqueness and individualism. I remember seeing Nancy's designs showcased at Haute: The Accessories Show last fall and fell in love with them instantly. Her ability to experiment with different stones, metals and other natural elements to create beautiful, unique and quality pieces drew me to the brand. Her pieces are strikingly bold yet simplistic enough to create a classic statement. She says, "Fashion trends may evolve and (more often) revolve, but a timeless yet distinctive accessory can be the refining and even defining ingredient of your appearance regardless of the occasion. Building on this belief, my design inspiration derives from very elemental materials that I consider to be both unique and enduring - gemstones, woods, metals, shells, and the like. Each NaJe' Design is truly exceptional in that it is a One-Of-A-Kind creation handcrafted with the utmost care, and reflects a singular vision of my design for a specific set of materials. Beyond the appearance of my creations, it is equally important that my customers enjoy the quality of the materials I select, and my sincere hope is that the superior quality of my work is evident from the moment the piece is received."

Q: Where are you originally from?
A: Chicago, Illinois

Q: Did you go to school for Fashion?
A: Yes, at The Ray Vogue School of Fashion Design

Q: What inspired you to be an accessories designer?
A: My never ending search for the latest fashion in “unique” and unusual jewelry

Q: Where do you find inspiration for your designs
A: As I travel I am intrigued by various treasures that I find as I shop local boutiques. Each piece, whether they are stones, elements or a pendent, inspire my creativity for the end design

Q: Describe the woman who embodies the Naje’ Design brand of accessories
A: Women with personal pride that is elegant and sophisticated. She loves to always look her best, be original and make a fashion statement when she is out

Q: What is your favorite piece of accessory?
A: My One Of A Kind, unique necklace collection of course

Q: Any style tips on accessorizing with jewelry?
A: As you choose your wardrobe you must accessorize to complement. Whether it is simple everyday attire or elegant evening wear, your accessories must be tasteful and complement your wardrobe

Q: What is your vision for the Naje’ Designs brand?
A: I am proud of what I design and my vision to reach women of fashion who want to create their own image, be unique, and wear accessories of high quality, that are beautiful and One Of A Kind

Nancy is such a sweet and genuine soul. It is always a pleasure seeing her out and catching up with the creative beauty. Make sure to stop by Nancy's website here and connect with Naje' Designs on Facebook here.

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