Jan 28, 2015

5 Best Things About Plaid

I'm not one to go cuckoo for all things plaid, but there are some niceties about all that vertical and horizontal madness. But whether you're more fond of gingham, windowpane or madras ---the fact that you've seen your fair share of plaid this season isn't a figment of your imagination. It's on trend. From flannel plaid shirts to preppy pleated skirts--there will be no shortage for seasons to come. Aside from its popularity fad, here are five things that I love about the print.
1. Variety | There are six main types of the popular pattern which allows for greater variety in choice. Have your pick why don't you! Tartan - originated in Scotland, this type is mostly know for flannel button down shirts. Tattersall - originated in London, England. Worn mainly by businessmen in the form of a classic button down dress shirt. Historically a symbol of horses or equestrian culture. Windowpane - Resembling panes on a window, the check pattern made a popular insurgence last season when it became a favorite amongst bloggers and street style enthusiasts. While I'm not exactly sure of its origin, it is pretty safe to say that it is a global phenomenon. Madras - originated in India in the 1800s. This bright and colorful version of plaid is a preppy staple--popular to the New England region and destinations like Cape Cod and Nantucket. I love this print best on fitted ankle-length trousers. It is bold and I am all here for it. Gingham - you may recall Dorothy from the Wizard of Oz rocked a gingham dress. Or what about that fabulous classically tailored J. Crew button down? It is said to have originated in Manchester, London in the mid-18th century. Boy those Londoners sure love their plaid don't they? This patten touts larger light and dark contrasting stripes. Certainly one of my favorite types. Glen Plaid - this Scottish 19th-century woven wool is made suitable for---well----suits. Perfect for tailored jackets and slacks for that oh so dapper gentlemen. 

2. Perfect Mix | Plaid provides a perfect contrast for mixing prints.  Have fun mixing two different types of plaid. How about gingham and windowpane---perfect. Plaid on polka dots--- perfect. Plaid on animal print---perfect. Plaid on stripes---perfect. Enjoy the endless possibilities when it comes to mixing prints with plaid.

3. Plaid Everything | Seriously, this print can accommodate and accentuate any type of garment. From undergarments to a fitted cap. It is extremely versatile in nature. Plaid sheath dress? Check. Plaid shift dress? Check. Plaid summer shorts? Check. Plaid dress shirt? Check. Plaid skinny trousers? Check. Plaid pea coat? Check. A fabulous pair of plaid flats? Check. Okay---I think you get the point. 

4. Durability | Some of my most long-lasting pieces of clothing happens to be plaid. It is classic in nature and has a great tendency to hide most stains and imperfections. This---in itself makes it a keeper. It has stood the test of time around my neck of the woods. Most garments made of plaid are made of flannel, wool or high quality cotton. These fabric choices are sure to withstand the test of times when properly cared for.

5. Effortless | It's an effortless and chic print. You really don't have to put in much effort when styling plaid. It kinda does all the work for you. Whether you decide to go schoolgirl or varsity chic, business conservative or street style wild---you can certainly pull off any of these looks with ease. 

Jan 26, 2015

Designer Watch: Boldly Unique

Christine Colbourne, former model, founder and CEO of Boldly Unique; an accessories and fascinator company discovered her love for creating fabulous headpieces when she created her very first one for her wedding.  Thereafter, it quickly became a love affair that transitioned to a business of mere success; one that she shares with creative partner Michelle Stevens.  Christine moved to New York City as a teenager where she was scouted by a modeling agency.  Intrigued by the world of fashion, she took the opportunity of a lifetime.  A lifetime of fashion inspiration that she has curated over the years. Since then, she’s been creating Boldly Unique and one-of-a-kind fascinators that are primarily constructed with feathers, lace, pearls, jewels and other vintage design elements. With both classic and modern designs, each fascinator has been created to compliment every woman's style. Dress them up for an elegant and romantic night on the town or dress them down with a fabulous off-the-shoulder kimono top, boyfriend jeans and a pair of killer heels for girls night out. Which ever you choose, you'll be sure to start a few conversations and turn a couple heads. I caught up with Christine recently for a little fashion fab chat, check out the deeds below. 

“At Boldly Unique you will discover a whole new way of looking and feeling beautiful. For any occasion experience the luxury of a Boldly Unique headdress and fascinate them with your style.”
-Boldly Unique 

Q: Where are you originally from?
A: I'm a Jamaican Caribbean girl

Q: Did you go to school for Fashion? 
A: Never studied fashion, being exposed to the fashion industry in NYC as a model and lived   there for 15 years, I was encircle by fashion. It's in the streets, the culture it's every where. NY is fashion! Living in NYC fashion is what you breathe the environment speaks fashion. 

Q: What inspired you to be a fashion designer?  
A: I became inspired to design fascinators when I planned my wedding. I wanted something different other than a traditional veil and designed myself a wired halo piece (I still have framed in my studio) I call it my accidental love. 

Q: Where do you find inspiration for your designs?  
A: Inspiration is an eclectic collaboration of various medium (other culture, creativity, interesting pieces, art, etc..). Our Harlem Collection is inspired by non other than Harlem NY(which was introduced by Michelle Stevens) I'm a lover of bold accessories and bright colors and you can find that in our designs. 

Q: Describe the woman who embodies the Boldly Unique brand of fashion?  
A: Like our tag line says "for the woman who dares to be beautiful"! Our pieces are for the woman who is not only afraid to take a risk with fashion, but the woman who's comfortable in who she is, she's a mom, a business owner, a trend setter, she is Boldly Unique. Our pieces are not only for your wedding day and church. You can take it from your big day to cocktail with the girls. 

Q: What is your vision for the Boldly Unique brand?  

A: Our vision is to expand our line of accessories from just fascinators (hair accessories) which we are working on and partner with bridal and fashion boutiques to carry our line of accessories.

Photo Credit: Jonathan Croft of Jonathan Croft photography & Gilmar Smith of Gilmar photography
I'm a repeat Boldly Unique customer. I so love these ladies. Not only are they fabulous and talented, but they are so sweet. Make sure to check out the Boldly Unique store here. Check back on Monday as I will be rocking a Boldly Unique fascinator. Be Bold. Be Unique. Be You!

Jan 22, 2015

Orange & Stripes

Hi Lovies,
I hope all is well with you. It's been quite the busy start of 2015. I have so much exciting things going on this year. It's filled with new opportunities and events that I hope to get to meet many of you beauties at. I'll be hosting my first annual meet and greet, fashion & style seminar and Fashion Fab Boutique pop-up shop. In April, myself and two other fabulous blogger babes will be hosting the first ever Blogger's Ball. The event will bring fashion enthusiasts from across the nation to Tampa, FL for an exquisite and elegant evening in style. Stay tuned for more details on these amazing events.

Until next time---peace, love & blessings!

Jan 21, 2015

10 Iconic Signature Looks in Fashion

What is Signature Style?

Style /stīl/ - 1.a distinctive appearance, typically determined by the principles according to which something is designed. 

A signature look is the curated elements in fashion that defines personal style. The unique elements that speaks to who you are.  A look that goes synonymous with your name and brand. Developing a signature look isn't something that occurs over night; it usual takes years to orchestrate. Style icons like Jackie O and Marilyn Monroe have worked to  craft personal looks that defined their public persona all while remaining true to their personal ideals.  My personal style is defined by clean lines and silhouettes accentuated by bold colors and pattens. A mix that I like to often refer to as vintage mod meets sophisticated-chic with a touch of urban influence. Keep in mind that having a signature style doesn't necessarily mean that you have to look the same day-to-day. Some people choose a more refined and specific look; like Janelle Monae or a look that is a little more looser in definition; perhaps like Michelle Obama. Not sure what your signature look is? Then consider the following.