May 15, 2017

Travelista Bistro Mug

Hey beauties!

With travel season in full swing, how cute are these Travelista bisto mugs. Perfect for the globe-trotting enthusiast. 16oz capacity for tea or coffee drinkers. They come packaged in a deluxe white box, perfect gift for her. Available here. User promo code TRAVELISTA for 15% off your order.

May 7, 2017

5 Must-Have Whites

Since spring has officially sprung----every spring/summer, these five must-haves are always on reserve as go-to wardrobe essentials that I absolutely can't do without. They are the perfect wardrobe neutralizers adding balance to colorful brights. Here's why you should incorporate these five items into your wardrobe.  

1. Skinny Jeans - I love a fabulous pair of skinnies. Dress them down with a pair of wedge sneakers or converse, or dress them up with a fab pair of pointed toe heels, sandals and fabulous top and there you have it. When you opt for a colorful top and want it to be the focal point---ditch the standard pair of blue denim and go for a more clean and modern take.
2. Aviator Sunnies - Why aviators? Well, they work well on every face type. So whether you're like me with an oval-shaped face, you can pull off a fabulous pair of aviators. Why white? Because helps to neutralize color and is uniquely different from the standard black. While I'm a huge fan of white sunnies---I do realize that they may not be for everyone. Certainly not the conservative types. 
3. Sandals - Remember when white shoes were almost a fashion faux pas? Today, many women are embracing white footwear like never before. I've always been fond of white shoes as they are the perfect way to neutralize busy prints and colors worn in the spring and summer months. However, investing in a quality pair is essential because pulling off this shade can be difficult, and can sometimes come off as cheap or of poor quality.
4. Shoulder Bag - It's chic, different and versatile. You can practically pull off any look with a chic white bag during the summer months.
5. Nail Polish - Trending for a couple of seasons now----white polish is the new french manicure. It's modern, bold and refreshing. It says I'm confident, chic and fashion-forward. It's a great accessory and color neutralizer. 

Apr 28, 2017

5 Things Your Skin Needs

When it comes to the world of beauty , it can certainly lead to a world of intimidation. From the latest trends, social pressures of keeping our eyebrows on fleek or keeping our contour game 100%. But great skincare really isn't that complicated or at least it shouldn't be. Whether you've got dry skin, combination skin or oily, I'm sure you've experienced a market place saturated with millions of products claiming to rid you of your most annoying beauty ailments.  Many to which simply will not work for many of us. Here are five simple beauty rules to live by that are sure to keep your skin looking its best.
1. Sleep - I've got to have at least six hours of a good nights' sleep or else. Less than six hours of rest alters my mood (talk about cranky), creates eye baggage and other stress factors impacting the appearance of my skin.
2. A Fresh Face - I don't know about you, but I can't wear makeup everyday. For one---it's too much of a hassle and two, my skin will hate me. I try to limit a full beat face to 3 days a weak unless it's absolutely necessary. Too much clogging of my pores will send my skin into a pimple-infested frenzy. So allowing the skin to breath make-up free does the face good.
3. Exfoliation - Ridding the skin of its surface dead skin is key to healthy and smoother skin. As I get older, I find the need to exfoliate more often. So I exfoliate both my face and body at least twice a week. It helps to combat my dry skin and helps to hold more moisture in.
4.Water - I can't live without drinking at least 32ozs of water daily. I have dry skin and it's really easy for my skin to flake and act an ashy fool. So the only way to combat this along with proper skin moisturizing is to drink plenty of water.  Not only is water good for combating dry skin, it's also good for ridding the body of impurities and controlling weight gain.
5. The Sun - Can we say vitamin D! Sunlight is known to trigger the production of vitamin D in the body. Researchers found that this causes immune cells to relocate to the outer layers of the skin where they aid in the protection and repair of damaged skin caused by excessive sun exposure. Studies also show that moderate skin exposure can help heal certain skin conditions like acne and eczema. I knew there was a greater reason I enjoy basking in the sun. Sunshine makes me oh so happy and does my melanin-rich skin good.

Apr 16, 2017

Fab Swim: Bfyne Swimwear

Designer Buki Ade's latest Bfyne Swimwear collection is something to seriously talk about. The Nigerian born creative is redefining culture, influence and design in the world of swimwear. The collection fuses geo-prints, contemporary craftsmanship and African influence with mere perfection. But can we just talk about the advertising campaign for this collection? Location: Cairo, Egypt. Desert sand. Rays of sun and melanin for days. I don't know about you but I need to be flaunting all of this grown woman bod this summer on somebody's beach in one of these peaces. I love that there are options for all body types.Your favorite?

Mar 29, 2017

2016 in Style Review

Hey Beauties,

Flashing it back to some of my favorite looks last year. Geesh, I'm still in shock at how quickly the year flew by. Would love to know....which is your favorite look of 2016?