Apr 20, 2018

Life's Purpose

What I've learned on this journey is that---it doesn't matter when you find life's purpose---but rather when you do, you pursuit it to the fullest. Cheers to living life on purpose.

Photography: Daniel Garber

Apr 19, 2018

Beauty Benevolence | MUA Toni Nicole

“Making the world a prettier place one face at a time” is her motto. Orlando-based Makeup Artist Toni Nicole is a familiar face amongst many. I'm not really sure who introduced me to the college educated beauty, but I quickly knew that she was someone that I needed to have in my corner if I wanted to step my beauty game up a notch. She has been instrumental in many of my cosmetics and beauty purchasing decisions. Each and every product she has recommended has been spot on. I consider her a trusted professional.  The MAC certified and nationally published artist has been transforming faces one stroke at a time for many years. She says, "Everyone has their own individual style when it comes to fashion and trends, why not have your own style when it comes to makeup? Individuality is what sets one apart from the next person and in my line of work, individuality is what transforms a makeup artist into an artist." Whether it’s a wedding, photo shoot, fashion editorial spread, or just a night on the town, Toni Nicole will enhance your natural beauty suitable for the occasion. I had the opportunity to chat it up about all things beauty with the talented artist. check out the deeds below.

“Making the world a prettier place one face at a time” is my motto. -Toni Nicole

Apr 10, 2018

5 Reasons to Embrace World Travel

Having lived in some of the most diverse cities in America, it wasn't long before I developed an appreciation for cultural diversity. There’s nothing like discovering new places, people and customs. Visiting a foreign country or even a domestic locale with unique culture has the capability to offer life changing experiences. With travel right at our fingertips, all it takes is a desire for adventure, a couple bucks and maybe a passport to unlock a world of priceless experiences. Here are the five reasons you should seek to up level your travel game.
Experience New Cultures - Traveling to foreign countries (or domestic towns and cities) opens us up to new cultural experiences. Whether it's the type of fashion, music or food that is know to that particular region---these three things alone defines culture. You simply can't experience culture without them.

Experience New Delicacies - Eating the local foods may open up new possibilities even introduce a new lifestyle that you couldn't of imagine.  Like Anthony Bourdain of the show, Parts Unknown; whether he's in Myanmar, Peru, Jerusalem or Congo---one thing is for sure, he eats----drinks and leaves merry. Talk about travel goals. 

Mar 20, 2018

Spring has sprung!

Hey Girl, Hey! Just stopping in to say hello. Spring is finally here and as the flowers bloom, allergies loom. But I'm loving the extra daylight that spring brings. What do you love most about spring season?
Photography: Nick Pecori | Tee: Target | Pants: Akris Punto | Handbag: SHOLA | Pumps: Prabal Gurung | Necklace: Fashion Fab Boutique

Mar 19, 2018

5 Must-Have Whites

Since spring has officially sprung----every spring/summer, these five must-haves are always on reserve as go-to wardrobe essentials that I absolutely can't do without. They are the perfect wardrobe neutralizers adding balance to colorful brights. Here's why you should incorporate these five items into your wardrobe.  
White Summer Essentials, 5 Must-have white Clothing for Summer

1. Skinny Jeans - I love a fabulous pair of skinnies. Dress them down with a pair of wedge sneakers or converse, or dress them up with a fab pair of pointed toe heels, sandals and fabulous top and there you have it. When you opt for a colorful top and want it to be the focal point---ditch the standard pair of blue denim and go for a more clean and modern take.
2. Aviator Sunnies - Why aviators? Well, they work well on every face type. So whether you're like me with an oval-shaped face, you can pull off a fabulous pair of aviators. Why white? Because again...it helps to neutralize color and is uniquely different from the standard black. While I'm a huge fan of white sunnies---I do realize that they may not be for everyone. Certainly not the conservative types. 
3. Sandals - Remember when white shoes were almost a fashion faux pas? Today, many women are embracing white footwear like never before. I've always been fond of white shoes as they are the perfect way to neutralize busy prints and colors worn in the spring and summer months. However, investing in a quality pair is essential because pulling off this shade can be difficult, and can sometimes come off as cheap or of poor quality.
4. Shoulder Bag - It's chic, different and versatile. You can practically pull off any look with a chic white bag during the summer months.
5. Nail Polish - Trending for a couple of seasons now----white polish is the new french manicure. It's modern, bold and refreshing. It says I'm confident, chic and fashion-forward. It's a great accessory and color neutralizer.