Nov 14, 2017

Travelista: The Perfect Travel Gift for Her

It's the season for gift giving. I'm loving this amazing 100% luxury leather passport holder and luggage tag set. It's the perfect must-have for the nomad. For the expat. For the travel enthusiast. Inspire her to travel the world in style. You can find the luxury set here.
And she can also sip tea or coffee in style with this 16oz bistro mug while planning her next world excursion. You can shop this mug here.

Oct 23, 2017

Beauty Buzz: Skin Craze

I love to find new products and services so when I ran across Skin Craze, a skincare brand by fellow girl boss and founder Karayla Sylvain---I couldn't wait to support. A high-end luxury formula packaged perfectly with care, this vegan and cruelty free brand is certainly worth the try. The line includes a moisturizer, cleanser, facial polish, eye cream, brightening serum and soothing mist. But just in case you're looking for more than just skincare products --the brand also offers spa services at their Skin Craze spa in Jacksonville, Florida. You can find out more about the Skin Craze brand here.

Oct 8, 2017

Creative Individuality

Someone once asked, are you into trends or do you just do your own thing? In almost all cases I choose individuality. In a world where many aren't living their life to their fullest and true self---individuality brings a breath of fresh air. Creatives usually get bored easily. We're generally not fans of cookie-cutter approaches to life. And when it comes to style----we tend to opt for creative freedom. Doing our own thing. You'll rarely find us on trend. We want freedom of expression and creative control. Because creativity calls for seeing what others don’t see and individuality differs from what others do. Dare to be different.

Oct 5, 2017

5 Things Your Skin Needs

When it comes to the world of beauty , it can certainly lead to a world of intimidation. From the latest trends, social pressures of keeping our eyebrows on fleek or keeping our contour game 100%. But great skincare really isn't that complicated or at least it shouldn't be. Whether you've got dry skin, combination skin or oily, I'm sure you've experienced a market place saturated with millions of products claiming to rid you of your most annoying beauty ailments.  Many to which simply will not work for many of us. Here are five simple beauty rules to live by that are sure to keep your skin looking its best.
1. Sleep - I've got to have at least six hours of a good nights' sleep or else. Less than six hours of rest alters my mood (talk about cranky), creates eye baggage and other stress factors impacting the appearance of my skin.
2. A Fresh Face - I don't know about you, but I can't wear makeup everyday. For one---it's too much of a hassle and two, my skin will hate me. I try to limit a full beat face to 3 days a weak unless it's absolutely necessary. Too much clogging of my pores will send my skin into a pimple-infested frenzy. So allowing the skin to breath make-up free does the face good.
3. Exfoliation - Ridding the skin of its surface dead skin is key to healthy and smoother skin. As I get older, I find the need to exfoliate more often. So I exfoliate both my face and body at least twice a week. It helps to combat my dry skin and helps to hold more moisture in.
4.Water - I can't live without drinking at least 32ozs of water daily. I have dry skin and it's really easy for my skin to flake and act an ashy fool. So the only way to combat this along with proper skin moisturizing is to drink plenty of water.  Not only is water good for combating dry skin, it's also good for ridding the body of impurities and controlling weight gain.
5. The Sun - Can we say vitamin D! Sunlight is known to trigger the production of vitamin D in the body. Researchers found that this causes immune cells to relocate to the outer layers of the skin where they aid in the protection and repair of damaged skin caused by excessive sun exposure. Studies also show that moderate skin exposure can help heal certain skin conditions like acne and eczema. I knew there was a greater reason I enjoy basking in the sun. Sunshine makes me oh so happy and does my melanin-rich skin good.

Sep 30, 2017

Fab Home: Inspired Living

What makes a space inspirational? Is it the $3,500 Jason Miller chandelier? The architectural details? Its character? For me, it's the feeling of comfort. The feeling of warmth. Then of course there's the style factor. If you've been reading the blog for some time---you'd be familiar with my popular mantra. Which is ---- always keep an open mind to two things: inspiration and love. My interior design style is as eclectic as my fashion. Just as with fashion, many of my home furnishings were curated from a variety of sources. From flea markets, popular retail chains, yard sales to online retailers. My interior design style is modern, eclectic and transitional. Mixing different design elements keeps a space balanced. If you have too many modern pieces, your space can appear and feel a little cold. Too may traditional pieces, you can run the risk of having an easily dated space. Mix the two and you'll be living in perfect harmony. The below living spaces speaks perfectly to this.

Photo Credit: CB2