Apr 22, 2014

DIY Cobalt Peplum Two-Piece Dress

I'm a huge fan of separates. Very rarely will you see me rocking a dress. The reason being is that single pieces simply provides unlimited flexibility for me. In fashion, I'm all about flexibility. Being able to rock pieces multiple ways. When I'm shopping, that's the first thing that I keep in mind. How else and what else could I rock this? When I decided to make this linen blend set two years ago--- that's just what I had in mind. Back then, the peplum trend was well at its peak and peplum dresses came a dime a dozen. Fast forward to today and this beauty makes her debut on the blog. I plan on rocking the two pieces separately this spring/summer. I hope you all had a wonderful Easter. Peace, Love & Blessings!

-------- Construction Specifics -------
  • Fabric Used: Linen Blend
  • Top Pattern: NewLook 6130
  • Pattern Modifications: I added a twist to the back. It's an open back. (To be shown in an upcoming post)
  • Pattern Size Cut: Size 8
  • Skirt Pattern: No pattern used (self drafted with invisible zipper, button closure and 5" slit)
Details: Dress: DIY * Pumps: Cynthia Vincent (bows added) * Bag: Louis Vuitton Epi Alma (thrifted) * Hat: Old * Necklace: Fashion Fab Boutique * Pin: Fashion Fab Boutique * Sunnies: No Brand

Apr 21, 2014

Music Watch: Liv Warfield

Prince's protégé Liv Warfield is certainly an artist to watch for. The Peoria, IL native packs a mean punch in the soul department. While attending college in Portland, Oregon---she was a regular performer on the local music scene. Who are some of her music influences you ask? Heroines like Nina Simone, Etta James, Tina Turner, Sade, and Mary J. Blige to name a few. Her sultry voice coupled with an edgy rock n' roll twist makes her quite an distinctive artist. She's performed alongside industry greats such as Al Green, B.B. King, Dave Matthews Band, The Roots, among others. In 2006 the artist released her first album titled Embrace Me. She later earned a pivotal spot in Prince's group, New Power Generation. Fast forward to 2014 and we have The Unexpected--- a 13 track R&B and rock LP that is pure brilliance.

“Music is a world within itself, with a language we all understand.”
-Stevie Wonder

Check out her live performance on The Arsenio Hall Show recently. Pure Fire!!!!

Apr 18, 2014

Life Lately: Family. Food. Fun

|I'm totally here for all of these things!|
|Especially this handsome little guy|
|A little Starbucks refresher and a comfy pair of flats|
|Of course you know that I live for some good eats|
|The calamari at Capital Grille is the BEST.com|
|And I live for a good happy hour every now and then|
|Stopped in at a local fabulous bath & body works boutique Cleanse Apothecary|
|Outfit Details: Top: BCBG(old) * Sandals: Nordstrom(old) * Skirt: Etsy * Necklace: Etsy * Bag: Michael Kors Bedford * Sunnies: Aldo|
"Plant your own gardens and decorate your own soul,
instead of waiting for someone to bring you flowers.”
- Jorge Luis Borges

Apr 15, 2014

Model Watch: Just Byrd

Meet Erika---better known as Just Byrd. Fabulous mom, Massage Therapist and runway and editorial model amongst many other things. I first encountered the slender 5'9'' chocolate complexion beauty at a local fashion event where she walked as one of the models in the show. I remember tapping the person sitting next to me asking..."do you know the name of that model" and they casually replied, "that's Just Byrd" as if I was a total moron from a long forgotten planet. It later dawned on me that this gorgeous face was one who frequently graced the runways at local shows and was a favorite amongst the Tampa fashion crowd. Let it be known that this beauty is much more than a killer body and a stunning face; she is a beautiful soul with such a down-to-earth spirit that makes her a pleasure to work with. I totally believe that she has a bright future ahead of her and I'm here to garner support in any way, shape, form or fashion. I chatted recently with the gorgeous beauty from the D (Detroit) about life as a model, beauty and her future aspirations. You can contact and see more of Erika's work here.

"Always make time for mascara! Your eyes are the window to the soul!"

Q: Where are you originally from?
A: I was born in Detroit, MI and raised in Saint Petersburg, FL. 

Q: Who was your role model as a child and how did they influence you to become a model?
A: I had an obsession with Tyra Banks. Just her drive and determination really inspired me. Beauty comes in all shades, shapes, and sizes.

Q: How did you feel when you did your first ever fashion show or photo shoot?
A: I had mixed emotions of course. I was excited that it was finally happening, but nervous. I was a model for a makeup class. I was very stiff and not sure how to pose; but that experience opened many doors for me.
Q: What are your guilty pleasure food(s)?
A: I honestly do not have any. I eat whatever I am in the mood for and never feel guilty about it. A few of my favs are cheese cake and pizza!
Q: What artist or choice of music is playing in the background when you are working with the glam squad to get photo shoot fresh?
A: Anything upbeat and exciting is okay with me. Something to push the energy and creativity in the room. I really like Chris Brown and Miley Cyrus.

Q: What beauty tips do you swear by?
A: The ones that I do on a daily basis are: 1) eyebrows make the face. Mine are thin, so I always fill them in with a little powder. Nothing too harsh though. It always gives my face life. 2) I put a tiny bit of gold eye shadow in the corners of my eyes. It makes your eyes look bright and gives them a pop! 3) Always make time for mascara. Your eyes are the window to the soul. Make your windows noticeable!

Q: Name one designer that you would love to rip the runway for?
A: I would give anything to be a Victoria Secret model.

Q: Favorite clothing item in your closet?
A: I have a very comfy over sized sweater that I love. I just throw it on and go.
Q: Sweet potato pie or Pumpkin pie?
A: This question is funny because I LOVE both. I can not decide between the two.

Q: One misconception about models that you would like to clear up?
A: Even though there are plenty to choose from, I think the misconception that is the most annoying is that "model" size is not a real size. I am naturally thin. I do not deprive myself of certain foods or work out 7 days a week. This is my body, even after having a baby. My measurements are realistic for me just like yours. I do not push anyone to be anything other than themselves. Being me includes my 32-24-34 size. And I Love it.
Well I'm certainly here for it all Miss Byrd. Be Bold. Be Fabulous. Be You!