Nov 27, 2016

5 Effective Time Management Tips

I remember when my son was born--- the level of stress, anxiety and disorganization that had shortly ensued (yes, postpartum depression played a part). The planner and organized person in me had to find new processes and routines in an attempt to cope in my new world of motherhood. Truth be told, many conventional time management principles had to be tossed out of the window. Motherhood caused me to reestablish the rules. It forced me to get my life if I wanted to do a relatively decent job at life's balancing act. Because trying to balance career, entrepreneurship, family and all else is no damn joke. So here's what I've learned during the process. 
1. Remove the Clutter. You have to remove the people, places and things that are undeserving of your time and bring zero value to your life. This will free up much time allowing you to spend your time and energy on the things that matters the most. Removing the clutter out of my life has got to be one of the best things that I could have done.

2. Batch Tasks. Refrain from answering every email and phone call in real-time as they occur. Instead, allocate a designated time throughout the day to work on specific tasks. Like read emails first thing in the morning and return phone calls at the end of the business day. Batching your tasks eliminates the need to multitask and cuts potential distractions. 

3. No Multitasking. This has been a false concept for such a long time. Multitasking does not equate to efficiency or effectiveness. In fact, it creates chaos. Doing multiple things at the same time seems like a great time-saving idea, but studies prove that this approach isn't effective. Nope. Not at all. Instead you're left spinning wheels, chasing tails and creating more work due to lack of focus.

Nov 20, 2016

Bathroom Blues

One of the best places within the home to incorporate monochromatic schemes is the bathroom. It's the perfect place to experiment. And the easiest place to change things up when boredom sets in. Simply switching out the shower curtain, rug or counter accessories is a fairly inexpensive process. So the next time you're feeling inspired---incorporate some cool colors within your bath space.

Nov 13, 2016

Serenity . Courage. Wisdom

Hey Beauties,

I truly hope that this post finds you in great spirit---especially with all that is going on here state side. One thing that I've learned on this journey called life is that change is inevitable. It's how we accept and adjust to the change that's the true test of our strength. I recently quit my corporate job of 9 years. Talk about stepping out on faith. It had to be done. I had reached a place of stunted growth. A place of boredom. A place of unrewarding complacency. A place of stress and unhappiness. Here's the thing----you'll either be unhappy or choose the path of uncertainly in pursuit of happiness. There's only those two options in life. Sadly so many people choose the former, than the latter. One thing is for sure---living life to your fullest potential is risky. It takes courage. It takes wisdom, but the level of serenity that it brings is paramount. Until next time...peace, love & blessings!

Outfit Details: Top: Trifted | Pants: Trifted | Shoes: Bronx Shoes (old)

Oct 29, 2016

Trend Alert: Bomb Bombers

Bombers are back baby. Also know as flight jackets or bombardier jackets--- which were  originally created and worn by military pilots. Hence the term bomber.The super versatile outerwear can be rocked over a casual tee or dressed up with a fabulous pair of trousers. You decide. Either way---this trend is in heavy rotation this season from the runways to the alleyways. I'm in love with the bombers below. I would rock each and every one of them. Your favorite is?

Oct 24, 2016

5 Songbirds You Should Know

I've always been one to believe that the three most fundamental things to understanding and embracing worldly culture is music, food and fashion. A great understanding of each other and what makes each of us so unique and perfectly different is mostly driven by what our cultural influences are and what type of music we listen to. When I seek inspiration during my least inspiring moments, I turn to music. Especially when I'm in a creative mood. I'm always on the hunt for new and exiting sounds in music. Here are five talented songbirds that you should certainly keep on your radar. 
1. PJ | Not quite soul. More like pop-rock and I'm so here for it. The singer/song-writer has written for artists like Wiz Khalifa and Lupe Fiasco. You may have heard her Say track featuring Lupe (I love me some Lupe). Her voice is amazing. I think she has a bright future ahead.
2. Melissa B | Straight out of Virginia, Mel B dropped an EP last year that fused pop, R&B and electronica. Breath is my favorite track on the EP. You may have heard her "Maria" track, which got some air play. I'm looking forward to seeing what the future has in store for her.
3. CZA | When I first discovered the artist SZA she had just signed to independent record label TDE. Home of the skillful and lyrically gifted Kendrick Lamar---the album Z had just dropped and my first thought was how smooth and electrifying her sound was. I'm still on the lookout for her sophomore project. Like anxiously awaiting.I think she is pure dopeness.
4. Laura Movula | I've talked about this songstress before. The now 30 year-old Brit brought something fresh and unique to the music scene. She noted legends such as  Lauryn Hill, Jill Scott, and Erykah Badu as her music inspirations. Her Sing To The Moon album is eclectically dope. It's British. It's Brilliant. If you're open to different sounds, you should certainly give Laura Mvula a listen.  
5. Nao | The London-based songstress laid a few verses on Disclosure’s Caracal track, but back in August I had the chance to check out her Rare album and found it to be quite refreshing and different. Another great music find. 

I'm always open to new sounds in music. Any recommendations?