Mar 20, 2018

Spring has sprung!

Hey Girl, Hey! Just stopping in to say hello. Spring is finally here and as the flowers bloom, allergies loom. But I'm loving the extra daylight that spring brings. What do you love most about spring season?
Photography: Nick Pecori | Tee: Target | Pants: Akris Punto | Handbag: SHOLA | Pumps: Prabal Gurung | Necklace: Fashion Fab Boutique

Mar 19, 2018

5 Must-Have Whites

Since spring has officially sprung----every spring/summer, these five must-haves are always on reserve as go-to wardrobe essentials that I absolutely can't do without. They are the perfect wardrobe neutralizers adding balance to colorful brights. Here's why you should incorporate these five items into your wardrobe.  
White Summer Essentials, 5 Must-have white Clothing for Summer

1. Skinny Jeans - I love a fabulous pair of skinnies. Dress them down with a pair of wedge sneakers or converse, or dress them up with a fab pair of pointed toe heels, sandals and fabulous top and there you have it. When you opt for a colorful top and want it to be the focal point---ditch the standard pair of blue denim and go for a more clean and modern take.
2. Aviator Sunnies - Why aviators? Well, they work well on every face type. So whether you're like me with an oval-shaped face, you can pull off a fabulous pair of aviators. Why white? Because helps to neutralize color and is uniquely different from the standard black. While I'm a huge fan of white sunnies---I do realize that they may not be for everyone. Certainly not the conservative types. 
3. Sandals - Remember when white shoes were almost a fashion faux pas? Today, many women are embracing white footwear like never before. I've always been fond of white shoes as they are the perfect way to neutralize busy prints and colors worn in the spring and summer months. However, investing in a quality pair is essential because pulling off this shade can be difficult, and can sometimes come off as cheap or of poor quality.
4. Shoulder Bag - It's chic, different and versatile. You can practically pull off any look with a chic white bag during the summer months.
5. Nail Polish - Trending for a couple of seasons now----white polish is the new french manicure. It's modern, bold and refreshing. It says I'm confident, chic and fashion-forward. It's a great accessory and color neutralizer. 

Mar 1, 2018

Self Care, The Best Care

So I've been on a mini hiatus obviously. I've been working under some extremely tight deadlines as of late. The kind of deadlines that challenges every notion that the concept of balance exist. Balance?'s a total fallacy, a facade. I often hear, you can have it all. How? No really, how? Especially as women, something is going to suffer. And in most cases for us----it's self care. Here are 5 must-dos to maintaining self care. 
  •  Live Gilt Free - This was extremely hard for me to do when I first became a mom. The level of gilt I would feel for leaving my son at home for a girls night out would be excruciating. Just because we opt for motherhood, doesn't mean that we have to forfeit all aspects of who we are. It's totally okay to live.
  • Find Peace - Find some quiet time throughout the day to gather your thoughts. From a 20 minute walk or a 15 minute meditation session. Personal alone time is critical. 
  • Smell The Roses - I know this sounds cliche. One of the things that I frequently do is buy myself flowers. Sure I appreciate and love when the hubs deliver, but I also don't mind picking up some fresh blooms spontaneously for myself. 
  • Hire Help - It took me some time to do this. My pride use to tell me that as a woman, I should be able to maintain my own living space. It wasn't until I was literally on the verge of a mental breakdown that I gave in and relinquished some of my household duties. This goes back to my first point, living gilt free.
  •  Set Boundaries - Limits and restrictions are a must. It's totally okay to set limits on how much of yourself you give to others. Truth be told, some people will take as long as you allow them. And setting boundaries is critical to maintaining a healthy and stress free life. Girl, set those limits. With no hesitations.
Photo Credit: Nick Pecori

Feb 13, 2018

Tampa's Most Romantic Restaurants

Who doesn't like an intimate and charming setting nestled in the perfect location that makes date night with beau the most romantic one? As a working mom with a hectic schedule and lifestyle---sometimes it is hard to allocate that much needed quality time with the hubs. So we often make it a habit to find a sitter at least once a month and take to the town for a nice romantic dining experience. Because sometimes takeout simply just doesn't cut it! Nope. So if you are local to the Tampa area, these five spots are a must if you are seeking to step things up in the romance department.

1. Ciro's Speakeasy | This prohibition-themed establishment might be unfamiliar to many, but for those of us who are lucky enough to know about this little hidden gem, we should consider ourselves lucky. The restaurant is inconspicuously located on the ground floor of an older residential building just off Bayshore Blvd in South Tampa. Employing some of the best mixologists in the business, patrons can opt for popular spirits like the signature Bramble, concocted with crushed berries and vodka. Or start out with modern renditions of tantalizing appetizers that include duck fries, deviled eggs, oysters, sliders, cheese fondu and other contemporary American options . Good luck trying to get a reservation, especially on the weekends. This place stays packed and sometimes require reservations be made two weeks in advance. Don't forget to jot down the magic password for the evening, it is your key to entrance.

2. Oystercatchers | Attached to the Grand Hyatt Tampa hotel, this restaurant has gone through a series of renovations. The most recent taking it to a more modern design. With amazing and calming views of the Bay and great seafood dishes, Oystercatchers is certainly one of my favorite places to dine with the hubby. With upscale ambiance, great food and spectacular views ---this is a must try if you've never been. Make sure to reserve a seat by a large glass window or get a seat on the restaurant's patio to take in some of that serene Bay view.

Jan 28, 2018

5 Reasons To Love NYC

As I gazed from afar on a cold and dreary winter day with deep admiration of the skyline, Battery Park sits at the furthest tip of Manhattan Island.  For most---the city of big dreams represent so many things, but in historical context-- it's a symbol of European colonialism, American resilience and liberation. Despite the many things that I despise about this densely populated metropolis---the good certainly outweighs the bad. My trip to the big city instantly reminded me of its magical influence. If you've never been, here are 5 reasons to love New York City.
New York City, Battery Park Manhattan, Manhattan New York, Freedom Tower
Beacon of Hope - With the Statute of Liberty and Ellis Island just miles in its distance, it is where millions crossed the Hudson shores via the Atlantic in search of a better life. My family migrated to New York from the US Virgin Islands in the 80s in search of greater economic opportunities during the states transition from a manufacturing to a booming financial services industry. And so many other families have similar stories to tell. You know the old adage, if can make it in New York, you can make it any where. 

Arts & Culture - If you want it, you can have it. With so many different cultures in one place, NYC is certainly a cultural melting pot. New York has always been known for its diversity and cultural richness. Just look at the immigrants who migrated to Ellis Island in the early 1900s. With communities like Little Italy, China Town and Spanish Harlem, the city has a rich history of cultural inclusion and diversity. With this richness, NYC is home to some of the most distinguished history and art museums like Metropolitan Museum of Art (MET), The Guggenheim and Museum of Modern Art (MoMA).