Jan 22, 2015

Orange & Stripes

Hi Lovies,
I hope all is well with you. It's been quite the busy start of 2015. I have so much exciting things going on this year. It's filled with new opportunities and events that I hope to get to meet many of you beauties at. I'll be hosting my first annual meet and greet, fashion & style seminar and Fashion Fab Boutique pop-up shop. In April, myself and two other fabulous blogger babes will be hosting the first ever Blogger's Ball. The event will bring fashion enthusiasts from across the nation to Tampa, FL for an exquisite and elegant evening in style. Stay tuned for more details on these amazing events.

Until next time---peace, love & blessings!

Jan 21, 2015

10 Iconic Signature Looks in Fashion

What is Signature Style?

Style /stīl/ - 1.a distinctive appearance, typically determined by the principles according to which something is designed. 

A signature look is the curated elements in fashion that defines personal style. The unique elements that speaks to who you are.  A look that goes synonymous with your name and brand. Developing a signature look isn't something that occurs over night; it usual takes years to orchestrate. Style icons like Jackie O and Marilyn Monroe have worked to  craft personal looks that defined their public persona all while remaining true to their personal ideals.  My personal style is defined by clean lines and silhouettes accentuated by bold colors and pattens. A mix that I like to often refer to as vintage mod meets sophisticated-chic with a touch of urban influence. Keep in mind that having a signature style doesn't necessarily mean that you have to look the same day-to-day. Some people choose a more refined and specific look; like Janelle Monae or a look that is a little more looser in definition; perhaps like Michelle Obama. Not sure what your signature look is? Then consider the following.
  1. Determine what style elements catches your eye? Color, silhouettes, prints, accessories, etc
  2. Create an inspiration board with curated elements of style that fits to your aesthetic ideals. Pinterest is a great tool to accomplish this.
  3. Combine the elements in a series of 4 separate looks.
In the end, the looks that you've created should reflect a pattern of repetitive elements  which paints a picture of your personal style. These are the things that makes your style unique and in this case signature to you. I've chosen a list of 10 style icons whose style speaks well to their public persona; allowing us to get a greater understanding of what it truly means to have a signature style. 
Iris Apfel - A style and interior design icon.  Her style is bold and unique. She has shown us how to accessorize with color and has effortlessly mastered the art of layering; and she always keeps a pair of those fabulous oversize round frames on deck. Iris is one of my favorite style icons and I draw so much inspiration from her. I mean...what 94 year-old do you know with so much swag?
Solange Knowles - Known for her fabulous fro--- often gives us a dash of confidence with her bold color choices, ethnic-inspired prints and vintage glam style. She has a great ability to mix-and-match separates while always remaining true to her cool-girl aesthetic. One of the reason why I love Solo's style is because it is her own and nobody else's. She also doesn't feel the need to conform to societal pressure to keep up with what everyone is wearing---which is why she is a style icon in the eyes of many.
Anna Wintour - The current Editor-in-Chief of Vogue Magazine known for her sleek bob, signature black sunnies and love for tweed---makes my list with her polished and feminine sense of style. When you think of Anna Wintour, you probably think of a bob and a pair of black sunnies. These two elements certainly defines the editor's signature style.
Janelle Monáe - Her style is more aesthetically defined. Clearly, opting for menswear inspired fashion is her look of choice. The singer's name most certainly goes synonymously with the colors black and white and pant suits. As of recent, the singer has transitioned to more feminine elements like form-fitting leggings and long and free-flowing pieces into her wardrobe. Yet another icon who doesn't let society define who she is and what her fashion choices should be. I just love her.
Victoria Beckham - VB popularized the feminine silhouette that is the simplistic sheath dress. The former Spice Girl has built an empire in recent years. Since launching her first collection in 2009, she's been on style watch with her ability to take a simplistic approach to fashion, yet perfecting it with a touch of boldness with striking prints and color. This is why I love Victoria Beckham's style. You start with a basic silhouette and build upon it with prints and color.....just how I like it!
Linda Fargo - The Senior VP and Fashion Director at Bergdorf Goodman has impeccable taste in fashion. Of course when you hear the name Linda Fargo you can't help but to think about the luxury department store, Bergdort Goodman. Fargo, known for her platinum blonde bob, leopard prints and red lips shows us how to have a little fun with fashion all while staying true to her best self.
Michelle Obama - One of the most stylish First Ladies in recent history. Known for her feminine silhouettes and for confidently showcasing those toned arms. The First Lady of the United States has perfected the concept of color-blocking, a favorite for Mrs. O. Her rich chocolate complexion affords her the comfort and ability to pull of bold colors and prints exceptionally well.
Sarah Jessica Parker - SJP gives us avant-garde like no other. From her 80's chic fashion and love for a fabulous pair of heels; the Sex and the City star makes it no secret for her love for designer labels. From designer brands like Prabal Gurung, Valentino, to Manolo Blahnik to name a few, SJP is certainly a fashion icon.
Audrey Hepburn - Her elegant retro style made synonymous with 20th Century Hollywood glamour is one that is here to stay for a lifestyle.  Another style influence of mine---Hepburn had a particular liking to the Givenchy  brand. She personified and popularized full skirts and pleated dresses, with a style that was effortless chic. One reminiscent of another style icon....Jackie O. 
Grace Jones - The Jamaican-born singer, actor and model started  her career as a fashion model. With her signature androgynous and provocative style; when I see modern day entertainers like Lady Gaga on stage, I can't help but to think about the Pull Up to the Bumper singer. When the word fearless comes to mind, certainly the name Grace Jones enters that same space. Her bold and unapologetic sense of style certainly personifies the term fearless.

Jan 19, 2015

Tom Ford | Fall 2015 Menswear

Designer and Creative Director---Tom Ford recently showcased his 60s-inspired Fall 2015 mens collection where models touted tailed suits with elements of sportswear. I loved the choice of fabric and textures here---leather, velvet and houndstooth were on full display. I have always been a fan of TF, especially during his tenure at Gucci. This collection is nothing short of pure dapper perfection.