May 18, 2015

Fashion Fab Boutique S/S Sip & Shop

Hey, it's been quite a few busy weeks over here at Fashionably Fabulous. This past weekend I hosted my popup boutique spring/summer sip & shop showroom experience at the Luxe Studio Space in Tampa, Florida. The turnout was amazing and overwhelming to say the least. I had some unexpected guests surprise me including my BFF who flew in from ATL to show her support (I'm getting a little teary-eyed just typing this). Many of my blogger babes, readers and local fashionistas stopped by to shop the inventory of fashionably fabulous curated fashions. I can't say thank you enough to those who came out and supported this amazing event. It was a true success.

I could not have done it without my two amazing assistants of the day. So thankful for them!

May 13, 2015

5 Reasons You Have Nothing to Wear

 5 Reasons You Have Nothing To Wear
- A Style Guide to Minimizing Your Wardrobe Complexities -
The dreadful agony of having somewhere to be to only discover that you have absolutely nothing to wear is an all to common phenomenon that even the most fashionable can sometime find themselves in. Despite having a closet that can be envied by Carrie Bradshaw; navigating through the complexities of your wardrobe can be a pretty daunting task. So lets dissect some of the root causes behind your wardrobe frustrations. Here are my top 5 reasons you don't have anything to wear; which are solely centered around your basic closet components, personal style and shopping technique and strategy.

1. You Have No Clue What's In Your Closet. Sure, you have a fabulous closet that every women will envy, but do you actually know what's in it? Can you take a mental inventory that doesn't take upwards of 24 hours to complete? There is certainly a misconception that the more the merrier when it comes to fashion. Ask any minimalist and they will argue to the contrary. If your closet is to the point where you can't see and/or remember everything in it, you may certainly have too much crap (and that's putting it lightly...LOL).
Solution: It's time for some spring cleaning. Reassess your current wardrobe and remove any items that you haven't worn in more than two seasons. Start with the basic staples and work your way up. More than likely you've outgrown these items in taste.

2. Your Wardrobe Is Out of Sync With Your Style. Every couple of years I go through a style transformation. During this time, I reassess my current wardrobe to ensure that it aligns with my current style. Our style is a constant evolution and so is our closet. Maybe you've recently transitioned away from a more trendy sense of style, but your closet doesn't reflect this change. 
Solution: Remove all items that are no longer in sync with your personal style. In this case, all trendy items should be replaced with more classic pieces.

3. You Have Yet To Define Your Personal Style. Our personal style is typically geared towards our lifestyle. One good way of defining our personal style is to create a mood board or a visual journal of inspirational style concepts. For me, I've utilized Pinterest in this case where I've pinned many inspirational pieces and comprehensive looks to my 'My Kinda Style' board. This is a collection of curated looks that appeal to me as it pertains to my lifestyle. This visual board should aid as a great way to redefine and develop a specific sense of style that is a reflection of your current lifestyle. 
Solution: Determining the following helps in defining your personal style. What is your favorite color scheme (brights, monochrome, pastels, etc)? What are your favorite textures and fabrics? What is the main theme to your story (clean lines, classic tailored, bohemian, vintage, etc)? What items stand out most to you (boyfriend jeans, palazzo pants, pencil skirts, etc)? Developing personal style is just as much about eliminating items that are not aesthetically pleasing as it is about selecting the right ones. Pinterest is a great tool for inspirational style concepts. Let's get connected on Pinterest here.

4. Your Wardrobe Lacks Structure. The fundamental key to building a strong wardrobe that is structurally in tack  is having the basic building blocks. The core staples. Keep in mind that the term "wardrobe essentials" is relative to each person's lifestyle. If you live a more casual lifestyle, then having a need for more dressier items like pencil skirts and sheath dresses may not be suitable. For me, key pieces or wardrobe staples are generally categorized by function and color. For example; the need for a classic black blazer fits the requirement of both color and function. The color is classic and brings about versatility and the style is functional enough to be worn to work or dress down with a pair of jeans making it a perfect transitional piece. Next is to organize your closet space to meet your functional needs.
Solution: Start out by identifying what your individual staple items are. Once this is established; organize your closet by season, by type (shirts, pants, dresses) and  by function (work vs casual).

5. You Are An Impulsive Shopper. Ok! So not only are you the type to scour the malls casually to find yourself leaving with an excessive amount of shit that you know good well you don't need---You are the master curator of excess, which can lead to hoarder tendencies. You know--- the type that never have anything to wear but have a closet full of clothes with the original tags still affixed? Chances are those items that have been collecting dust really didn't need to be purchased and are simply taking up valuable closet space. Not to mention the amount of money wasted.
Solution: Before you step up to the checkout during your next shopping spree, ask yourself these questions. How versatile is the garment? Can I style it multiple ways? How well does it fit? Will it fill an existing void in your wardrobe or create unnecessary excess? What function will it serve in your existing wardrobe? Is it a staple item? Is it work or casual wear, etc? Does it fit my current personal style?Now you are on your way to finding something fashionably fabulous to wear!

“I’ve been shopping all my life
And I still have absolutely nothing to wear!”
-Women Everywhere 

May 8, 2015

Editor's Best Picks | Summer Flats

The summer months are upon us and nothing says summer than a comfy pair of flat sandals. Unleash your inner boho chic and rock them with your favorite maxi skirt and kimono top. Or opt for some hot shorts and a flowing hi-low blouse. Either way, grab your favorite bold nail lacquer and get ready to give those toes some summer sun. Let's face it, sometimes a girl just want to be comfy and who says you have to sacrifice chicness for comfort. I've curated a few fabulous pairs below. Which is your favorite?
Until next time friends.....Peace, Love & Blessings!

May 6, 2015

Home Décor Retail Favorites

My interior design style is as eclectic as my fashion. Just as with fashion, many of my home furnishings were curated from a variety of sources. My interior design style is modern, eclectic and transitional. Mixing different design elements keeps a space balanced. If you have too many modern pieces and your space can appear and feel a little cold. Too may traditional pieces, too dated. Mix the two and you have perfect harmony. I've listed my top go-to places to shop for home furnishings. 
  • CB2 - A more modern take to its sister store, Crate & Barrel. Explore CB2 for clean mid-century modern furniture options and accents. The company started out of Chicago in 2000 and has become a favorite go to for modern interior design enthusiasts.
  • -   An online destination for unique and quality pieces by new artists and designers to include accessories, accent pieces, and eye-catching tech products. I love the unique design elements of many of the home furnishings at The site is just that. You'll have to create an account to gain access to their inventory.
  • Pier1 Imports - I've been a loyal customer of Pier1 for years now. Pier1 has an eclectic variety of décor ranging from modern to traditional pieces in style. If you catch them during one of their flash sales, you can score some amazing finds. Pier1 stores are pretty accessible throughout the country.
  • Pottery Barn - Founded in 1949, the company has been around  for over 60 years. You'll find more traditional pieces here of exceptional quality. Pottery Barn is my go to retailer for traditional pieces. Pieces that have withstood the test of time.
  • Crate & Barrel - The parent company to CB2. There isn't much to say about C&B with the exception of, I love it! Colorful and modern, the options here are infinite.
  • Z Gallerie -  My go to for stylish décor furnishings that range from Hollywood glamour to contemporary in design. A true favorite of mine.
  • West Elm - Operating under the Williams-Sonoma brand, you'll find some of the most fabulous modern yet earthy design elements here. You can find select retail stores nestled within proximity to your local luxury malls. I usually order directly out of the catalog or online for convenience, but if you have a store near you--you should certainly drop in .  

May 4, 2015

1st Annual Bloggers' Ball

April 18th, 2015 : Tampa . FL | Bloggers' Ball 2015 was a celebratory night in elegance where creative content writers came together in style.  A first of its kind, the event attracted professional bloggers from across the diverse blogging profession.  Bloggers and their readers in the fields of fashion, beauty, lifestyle, interior design, food, etc. attended the event. I hosted the event with fellow bloggers Genelle F. of What’s More Important Than Fashion? and Michelle B. of the Runway Translator. Proceeds benefited Redefining Refuge, a local organization that provides specialized means of care to minors who are victims of sex trafficking. The Blogger of the Year award was awarded to Farrah Estrella of Estrella Fashion Report for her unparalleled work ethic, dedication and professionalism. Could you be the 2016 Bloggers' Ball Blogger of the Year?

The event took place at the ALOFT Hotel in downtown Tampa, FL from 8PM-1AM. Guests enjoyed a night in glamour while enjoying the tunes of live jazz , a DJ, hors d'oeuvres and a fun evening emceed and co-hosted by talk show host, Jorge Alvarado of The Jorge Show. The event was presented by The Fashion Movement, a multifaceted fashion events, marketing and production firm based in Tampa, Florida---whose mission is to provide a platform for Fashion Designers, Fashion Stylists and other creative visionaries in the fashion, style and beauty industries.Check out some of the scenes from the event on the inside.