Oct 31, 2014

Fab Find | Candy Woolley Handbags

Candy Woolley showcased her handbags in the 2013 Fusion Fashion Week Palm Beach show last year. The designer, has been handcrafting her handbags in her South Florida studio since 2003. The Guatemalan beauty mastered the craft of graphic design and tailoring from a young age. Her designs are innovative, bold and has a great touch of luxury--a combination that resonates quite well with me. You can check out her entire collection here.
“Each piece I create becomes an expression of who a woman is...
she is confident, she is luxurious, she is smart, beautiful and happy.”

Oct 30, 2014

Vlisco | African Prints in Style

Vlisco| A textile company that has been delivering authentic African print fabrics throughout the globe since 1846, recently released their Slendeur collection. A collection which the brand says fits today's feminine and sophisticated woman. Vlisco collaborated with Nigerian fashion designer, Lanre da Silva to create the bold and sophisticated collection. I've been a fan of Vlisco for years and have ordered fabric from them in the past. If you are open to paying for quality textile, you simply can't go wrong with the Vlisco brand. For more information on the company, you can visit their website here.

Are you a fan of African print or ankara fabric?

Oct 28, 2014

Oprah's The Life You Want | Miami

So I attended the Oprah's Life You Want Tour in Miami this past weekend and I am still high off of inspirational wisdom that I consumed from Lady O and her panelist of trailblazer friends. The guest panel of motivational speakers included spiritual master Deepak Chopra, author Elizabeth Gilbert, pastor Rob Bell and the life fixer and TV host Iyanla Vanzant.Oprah opened the event by sharing her mission, which she said, "I want all of us to fulfill our greatest potential. To find our calling, and summon the courage to live it." Yes, live the life you want. It was an amazing weekend. I am always seeking wisdom from those that have experienced life in all of its pain and glory, and this weekend I took the opportunity to soak it all in.
Oprah welcomed the audience
Photo Credit: George Burns

Oct 25, 2014

Closet Organization | Organize in Style

You know the good ole saying, "Less is More"? Well...I like it. In my 20s, if you'd show me a photo of a sprawling 900 sf walk-in closet filled with all the material things a woman could ever desire---I'd be lying if I told you that it wasn't appealing. Fast forward to my 30s and oh how things have changed. That 900 sf walk-in is no longer appealing. Why? Because I've become a much more smarter consumer. One who realizes that the most fashionable girl isn't the one with the biggest closet, but the one with the biggest and most creative imagination. She chooses her pieces wisely, could care less about what is trending and simply beats to her own creative drums. Yes! Her. Oh how I love her. Closet organization is key whether you are working with modest space or square footage large enough to store the football equipment of an entire football team. The fact is, if your closet isn't organized---you will never have anything to wear, you'll continue spending unnecessarily and chances are, you haven't shopped your closet in a very long time.
------------------------------------Here are a few tips to organizing your closet----------------------------
  • Get Rid of the Junk: Prior to organizing, getting rid of the unwanted items should be the first step to organizing your closet. It is the perfect time to donate to charity, sell on Poshmark, Etsy or at your neighborhood yard sale.
  • Develop a Closet Layout and Design: Start planning out a design for your new or renovated closet space. There are plenty of professional custom closet design companies out there. Many of them offer budget-friendly design options. Easy Closets is a popular closet organization company that many rely on for custom closet projects. The other option is to do-it-yourself. 
  • Get to Work: Start by organizing your items by season, then by functional group (blazers, jeans, tops, skirts, etc) and by color. You will need to establish a storage mechanism for shoes, jewelry, scarfs, belts, hats, sunglasses, etc. No worries, I've provided a couple of my favorite storage and closet must-haves below.
  • Reevaluate the System: Once you've implemented this new system, give it some time before evaluating its success. If it works, perfect. If not, determine what aspects within the design and process you'd like to change. As your wardrobe and lifestyle needs change, there will be a need to make changes to your existing closet infrastructure. 
I hope you find these tips and resources helpful for your closet organization efforts. Until next time....Be Bold. Be Fabulous. Be You!

Oct 24, 2014

Pumpkin Spice

Hey lovies. Just a quick hello before I head out. I'll be attending Oprah's The Life You Want Tour in Miami this weekend. I have heard nothing but great reviews about this inspirational tour and it is finally making a stop in Florida. Of course I will be all ears while I soak up all of that wealth of knowledge and inspiration to share with you guys.Have a great weekend.

Outfit Details: Cardigan: DIY | Leggins: Zara | Sunnies: Louis Vuitton (thifted) | Tank: NYC Boutique | Sandals: BabyPhat | Bag: Louis Vuitton (thrifted) 
Chat with you beauties soon. Until then.....Peace, Love & Blessings!