Feb 4, 2016

Black & Yellow

My approach to style is pretty simple. Present your best self and attempt to deliver with sophisticated excellence. I often get asked to describe my personal style and I've gotta be honest, it usually took me a long time to firmly come up with an answer. Why? Because I was so desperately searching for that signature aspect of my style that quite frankly didn't exist. It wasn't the classic red lips. It wasn't the classic cateye sunnies. The hair. The silhouette. Signature style doesn't have to reflect the same. It doesn't necessarily mean that you have to look the same day-to-day. Some people choose a more refined and specific look; like the younger Janelle Monae or a look that is a little more free in definition; perhaps like June Ambrose.

Feb 2, 2016

5 Classic Fragrances for Him

There is seemingly nothing more sexier than a well groomed man. Next to that? A well smelling one. If you're like me---sometimes it can be a struggle to find the men in our lives the right gift for the right occasion. So I've outlined 5 amazing classic fragrances for the classic or modern day man right in time for Valentine's Day.
So whether you are a fragrance novice trying to find his signature scent or a fragrance connoisseur seeking to complete his ever growing collection---I've got you covered with these classic worthy scents of all time. From sparkling freshness, ocean breeze or masculine sensuality---- all having refreshing hints of the perfect scents to transition seamlessly from summer to winter season. So there you have it, my top 5 fragrances for the special man in my life. 

Jan 29, 2016

VDay Vamp

As VDay approaches, what better way to put a twist on the traditional red-- than to vamp things up a little. I'm one to get bored easily. So I'm always finding ways to spice up my life. They say variety is the spice of life--- and I cosign that to the fullest. After 15 years of togetherness with my husband, it's easy to fall into a state of complacency. I think throughout life in general we can sometimes get too comfortable in present circumstances. So I constantly challenge myself to change things up a bit, stepping out of my comfort zone.
Not really sure what tricks I'll have up my sleeve for the hubster this valentines day (who also shares a birthday with the national day of love)----but one thing is for sure, it's going to be different. Something unexpected. Something sexy & vamped. Any hot plans this valentines?

Jan 28, 2016

Tampa's Most Romantic Restaurants

Who doesn't like an intimate and charming setting nestled in the perfect location that makes date night with beau the most romantic one? As a working mom with a hectic schedule and lifestyle---sometimes it is hard to allocate that much needed quality time with the hubs. So we often make it a habit to find a sitter at least once a month and take to the town for a nice romantic dining experience. Because sometimes takeout simply just doesn't cut it! Nope. So if you are local to the Tampa area, these five spots are a must if you are seeking to step things up in the romance department.

1. Ciro's Speakeasy | This prohibition-themed establishment might be unfamiliar to many, but for those of us who are lucky enough to know about this little hidden gem, we should consider ourselves lucky. The restaurant is inconspicuously located on the ground floor of an older residential building just off Bayshore Blvd in South Tampa. Employing some of the best mixologists in the business, patrons can opt for popular spirits like the signature Bramble, concocted with crushed berries and vodka. Or start out with modern renditions of tantalizing appetizers that include duck fries, deviled eggs, oysters, sliders, cheese fondu and other contemporary American options . Good luck trying to get a reservation, especially on the weekends. This place stays packed and sometimes require reservations be made two weeks in advance. Don't forget to jot down the magic password for the evening, it is your key to entrance.

2. Oystercatchers | Attached to the Grand Hyatt Tampa hotel, this restaurant has gone through a series of renovations. The most recent taking it to a more modern design. With amazing and calming views of the Bay and great seafood dishes, Oystercatchers is certainly one of my favorite places to dine with the hubby. With upscale ambiance, great food and spectacular views ---this is a must try if you've never been. Make sure to reserve a seat by a large glass window or get a seat on the restaurant's patio to take in some of that serene Bay view.

Jan 26, 2016

Tip Tuesday: 3 Fashion Misconceptions

Happy Tuesday friends. Fashion creates the ability for the creative types to express themselves in an artistic form. It's how to invoke personality without saying a word. It's how to speak the language of style. It's how we often choose to reinvent ourselves. In an image-obsessed world, it's increasingly important that we project our best selves to the world. It can mean landing that important job. Securing that bank loan or simply being granted that opportunity of a lifetime. Whatever that entails. The fact is, we only have one shot at making a lasting impression and unfortunately--it starts with our fashion choices. As I've always said, great style isn't only reserved for those with access to high-end luxury---it's ultimately about a creative sense that comes from within. So today, let's talk about three main misconceptions about fashion and style. 

Misconception #1 - You heighten your style profile when you rock the latest trends. Ridiculous. You don't have to be on trend to slay. In my opinion, the most stylish people aren't slaves to the industry or label whores. Truth is, individuality calls for seeing and doing what others don't do and doing best with what works for you. Besides, could you image the financial toll it would take to have the constant need to keep up with the latest and greatest trends? No thanks. 

Misconception #2 - You have to be a size 4 to slay. Nope. Not true either. The models that we see ripping the runways at fashion week have the most rarest of body types. Most have boyish figures with wide shoulders and zero curves. Yes, they don't represent your everyday woman. Your only concern should be that you are the best representation of you whether you are working with a size 2 or 22.